Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust provides a comprehensive range of acute and community-based services. Offering an extensive 24/7 A and E service to those in need throughout Essex.

Chelmsford Taxis are making numerous daily trips to and from Broomfield Hospital and have easy access to all drop off and pick up points. If you plan to take your own car beware parking is at a premium and can be expensive, so let the Taxi take the strain on your pocket!

+ 0 (1245) 33 55 55

Discount offered for multiple bookings should you need to make regular trips for treatment.

Local Taxi Company – The Choice of Many

Contact us now for an immediate vehicle, to make a booking and request a quote. We are happy to assist with any requirement short or long distance. Transferring just one person or many in a number of vehicles can be arranged efficiently and quickly without fuss.

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