Magnificent Leez Priory

Impressive Boreham House

Hylands House

Planning a wedding as Bride and Groom or you are a Guest of the married couple at a venue in and around  Chelmsford, Essex? Look no further for a Reliable, Professional and Comfortable transportation company than Chelmsford Taxis, the Premier Taxi Company is here to assist. Serving a range of award wining venues in the Chelmsford area ensuring your journey to and from the venue is smooth and efficient.

Whether you’re heading to Hylands House, Channels Estate, Hatfield Place, Boreham House, Baddow Park House, Crondon Park, Leez Priory, or Newland Hall, Chelmsford Taxis caters to all Wedding, Conference, and Hospitality venues in the region.

Choose from their fleet of comfortable saloon vehicles or opt for a multi-seater accommodating up to 6 passengers. The company prides itself on Reliability, Promptness, and Friendliness, making them the ideal choice for all your travel needs.

Chelmsford Taxis goes the extra mile, providing extremely helpful service to ensure your transportation experience is stress-free. Whether it’s a short trip or a longer distance, they prioritize your safety and comfort, ensuring you arrive home securely. If you have a distance to travel out of Town travel isn’t a problem for us as we are often called anywhere in Essex, London and surrounding Counties.

Booking is a breeze – simply call 01245 335555 or reach out via email at for further information. Trust Chelmsford Taxis to make your wedding transportation as special as the day itself.